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I wanted to share a few things with aspiring photographers since I get so many emails regarding my backdrops and props etc. I know that some photographers actually charge a fee for releasing this information however I am so pleased with the products that I have used that have enabled my images to really shine that I thought I would share 🙂

Q:  I love how your floors and backdrops flow together with color, what do you use to achieve this look?

A: I find that using a combination of flooring from Lemondrops Backdrops and Savage Paper enables me to achieve this seamless look you are referring to.

Q: What are your favorite backrops from Lemondrop?

A:  I have so many! They are fabulous quality and design and so super easy to move and change. I tend to drift back to Ali Planks – they are white (and yes, named after me!), Butter Wood, White Meringue and Sequoia Wood.

Q: Where do you get all your fabulous backdrops:

A:  Lemondrops Backdrops and Sagebrush Serendipity. The specific drops I have from Sagebrush are actually material!

Q: Those hats are amazing, where are they from?

A: I have a few various vendors, but my favorites are Emerald Photo Props, Rain Drops Photography Props, Baboom, The Baby Couture,  and Clicks and Crochets.

Q: The headbands on your newborns are so perfect, who are your favorite vendors?

A: Aren’t they gorgeous? I am in love with Love Crush Boutique, Pink Poppy and Garden Chic’s products.

Q: Are you natural light or studio light? Its hard to tell . . .

A: All studio!

Q: What lighting do you use if you shoot studio?

A: Alien Bees, good quality for the price.

Q: Do you offer any mentoring or workshops?

A: Not at this time, although its something I have been considering and will post on this blog if that opportunity arises 😀

Hope this post helps some of these questions:)  I’m always getting new props and items so I’ll make another similar post soon listing any new finds! xo