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I have the most amazing mom.

I am sure I would have been considered a beastly teenager . . .my poor parents had so much to handle with my rottenness. Even with my wayward ways Mom stood behind me and was a continual support with her love.

I became a mother myself a few years ago. My first child has special needs, he has a rare genetic syndrome (this will require a post on its own!). My parents were amazing – attending specialist appointments in Vancouver, surgeries, the list goes on. The moment Mom stepped off the plane and saw her grandson for the first time it was with unconditional love and acceptance of his needs. Josh is 13 years old now, and if you ask him who is favorite person is he’d answer ‘grandma’.

With each child I had, my mother came up to help take care of us. She would clean and cook and work like a fiend! I loved having my mama taking care of me again, it was so incredibly comforting.

We talk almost every day on the phone, about the kids, this, that, you know, stuff.

A few months ago she was diagnosed with stomach stage 4 cancer. My world came crashing down. I was a bawling mess and could hardly function let alone take care of my family. The thought of losing my best friend, my biggest supporter, my son’s advocate – reduced me to a weeping puddle.

The specialists have attempted aggressive chemo in an attempt to stop the spread of the cancer. A side effect of the chemo was the loss of mom’s hair. She was devastated at losing her hair.  As women we put so much importance on our appearance – the loss of our hair is monumental for so many women! I called my hair stylist who is also a dear friend of mine and asked her if she would come over to shave my head. Not only did Jen shave my head she shaved her own! A truly amazing and special person – to support and show love for my mom 🙂

Jen and I did a photoshoot to show mom that she is beautiful with or without her hair.


I love you Mom. xo

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