Maternity | Interview with Mamique Photography | Vancouver, BC Maternity Photographer

I’m so pleased to introduce to those who do not know this amazing photographer – Ewa from Mamique Photography in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  She also happens to be one of my bestest friends 😀

Q: When did you start specializing in maternity and newborn work?

A: Pretty much right away.  My own pregnancy was a bit of an inspiration, even though I didn’t start my business for at least a couple of years until after my second baby was born.  I always felt there was something incredibly beautiful about the way a woman’s body changes during pregnancy and it seemed natural for me to want to capture that for my clients.  As for newborns, it had a lot to do with my knitted designs.  I started photographing my friends’ babies to model props for my Etsy shop, and I quickly discovered how much I loved working with tiny newborns.  There is an art, not just to creating a visually pleasing setting, or achieving a perfect pose, but to read a baby’s temperament and finding ways to calm them down and get them comfortable enough to settle into adorable poses

Q: What do you love about being a maternity photographer

A: As mentioned earlier, I love showing women how beautiful they are during pregnancy.  But more importantly, I try capture the emotions they may be feeling while waiting to meet their new baby. As such, I try to include partners and siblings whenever possible.  Waiting for a brand-new family member is such an exciting time for everyone involved!

Q:  Are you natural light, studio light or both?

A: Natural light, though some images require strobe lighting to achieve the desired effect

Q: How long does it take you to edit your maternity sessions?

A: Too long, haha!  In all seriousness, I spend a substantial amount of time on my maternity images.  I usually remove any distracting bumps in clothing the expecting mom is wearing which can be caused by certain posing or perhaps ill fitting undergarments.  I try to make sure nothing takes attention from mama’s glowing curves and the tenderness captured in the final image.  I don’t have an exact time estimate as each job is unique.

Q: How do you prep the expecting mama’s for their maternity session?

A: I don’t give much direction in terms of prep, though I ask them to pamper their hands, as those tend to get featured more during a maternity session.  I also encourage them to avoid salty foods for a couple days prior to the session to prevent excessive water retention and potential swelling.  And if they opt to have their hair and make up done, to keep it natural.  All my maternity clients end up doing newborn photos as well, and I want to keep the look consistent in both sessions.  Most women aren’t up to booking hair and make up once baby arrives.  Their lives and priorities seem to change once they meet their new love 😊

Q: What camera and lens do you shoot with

Canon 5D Mark III, 50 mm f1.4.  I will sometimes use 35 mm, or my 70-200 if a particular image calls for it.

Q:  Would you have your own maternity session photographed if you were expecting? and if you were, who with?

A: Yes, I would ABSOLUTELY have maternity photos done if I was expecting again!  Like many women, I made the mistake of hiring someone just starting out who charged very little.  I can’t express how I much I wish I could go back in time and re-do them ☹  As for who I would get to do my photos, this is a very difficult question.  There are so many photographers whose work I admire.  Without a doubt Alli Peck from Glow Portraits would be my first choice!  If you ever want to feel sexy and gorgeous, Alli is the photographer for you.  Her work almost want to get pregnant again.  Almost, lol! Another photographer I admire is Sarah Kovacs from Baby Bean Portraits in San Diego.  Her outdoor work on spectacular San Diego beaches is breathtaking. Natacha Silber from Montreal is another photographer who inspired a lot of my work and who I would call without hesitation to capture my pregnancy photos.  Oh, and Mary Beth Miller from Pittsburgh.  She has such an organic way of capturing families.  I’m always drawn to her images.  There are so many more photographers whose work I love, I couldn’t possibly list them all here. I’m pretty sure if I ever did get pregnant again, I would blow my entire photography budged getting photographed by everyone I admire, haha.

Q:  Describe your maternity photography style

This is one of those questions I never seem to know how to answer.  If I had to use just words I’d say, soft, delicate, light, airy, clean.  If anyone has better suggestions, I’d love to hear them 😊

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