For Photographers

I am so excited to offer you one on one mentoring!

We will custom develop your mentoring session with Glow Portraits so that you will learn what YOU need – newborn posing, studio lighting, maternity posing – this is YOUR session and we will make sure that you get the most out of this day. Nothing will be held back from me during our time together. I shoot with studio lighting and this is the opportunity for you to learn how to correctly use strobe lights to obtain the most consistent stunning images for your clients.

Please email me for current pricing regarding this exciting venture!

Reviews from previous attendees of Glow Portraits private mentoring :

Jessica – One Swift Click Photography

I’m so grateful to have had the extreme honor and pleasure of meeting and mentoring with Alli of Glow Portraits at her very own studio for a few days, shooting baby bellies and some sweet little newborn subjects.

I tried to absorb it all as she was so gracious and patient and she handled models – parents and newborns alike, expertly and effortlessly. From beginning to end she was obviously an authority on her craft. She led me through two maternity and two newborn sessions and I was anxious to get home and apply them to my workflow. She’s truly gifted and most talented, open and willing to share.

It was an experience that I’ve come out of with an absolute feeling of awe, enlightenment and an even higher level of respect for Alli and her amazing work. I’m an intermediate level photographer. Meaning, I could use a bit of improvement. I’m a firm believer that you really never stop learning. Before I committed to the workshop, I had to weigh exactly what it was that I wanted. It was easy to hesitate and feel like “I could maybe figure it out myself, after all I am self taught to this point”… or “I don’t know if I can afford to do this” (for whatever reason)… really, once I realized that I would only be investing in myself and my business, it was an easy choice to make. Besides, meeting Alli in person was the absolute highlight. I really think that it was the boost I needed with some solid hands-on instruction and guidance to help propel my business forward and give me a bit more confidence. Thank you, Alli. Can I come back?? 🙂

This past weekend I had the opportunity to mentor with Alli Peck of Glow Portrait studios in Ft St John BC. The weather was less than ideal for mid-April with blowing snow and icy roads, however her warm and friendly hospitality and openness to share her methods more than made up for it.

We had a full day with 3 sessions, time for editing, talk of studio practices, client interactions and a full workflow from prepping clients through to touching up the images. Alli talked us through some key tricks for newborn posing and lighting and helped us to set up some fabulous shots. We used several very distinct lighting techniques which I now feel very confident using in my own studio.

I would recommend doing a mentoring session with Alli for anyone who is looking to boost their newborn and maternity work to the next level. I consider myself to be an intermediate level photographer who is fairly confident already with newborns however there were TONS of tips and tricks that I will be using with my future clients!

Thank you so much for the excellent session Alli!